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Forrester Report - Vendor Landscape regarding Cognitive Operations

Technology has grown too much and too quickly for humans to monitor and operate it effectively. While computer-assisted analytics helps firms react to and resolve problems faster, predicting and preventing them is the Holy Grail. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros are continuously optimizing back-end and business technology to move their teams toward predicting problems across the vast technology and application landscape. The market is full of vendors offering solutions with predictive capabilities to assist with this transformation; this report tells I&O pros what's out there and what to expect. Checkout CirrusPoint Solutions and ServiceDashboard. 

Network Management Systems

Do you have a network to manage? There are a number of choices, including Smarts, Zabbix, OpenNMS, SolarWinds, Nagios, Tivoli(NetCool), and Microsoft SCOM.  We have expertise on this subject and we can help.  Our team set new industry standards in customer satisfaction, Automation and MTTR (Mean time to repair).


The industry is currently hot on the topic of Databases. NoSQL is the latest thing, and many people think this is something new. NoSQL databases have been around since the 1960s, but their popularity has grown in recent years.

Interesting article on Node.js

Point CounterPoint! Here is an interesting article on Node.js and the idea of running JavaScript, or ‘ECMAScript’ (The name given it by the standards committees) in the backend.  "Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share”, and this other guy that makes no bones about his hatred of it.  The YouTube guy gets a whole lot of hate in his comments.  I am quite open minded on the subject myself.  I think Node.js is fine for Web Sites.  I wouldn’t use it to build a large browser based application like CirrusPoint Solution’s “ServiceDashboard”.

Data Lakes

What is a Data Lake and do I need one?  Short answer...  Probably not unless you are Google or some other enterprise with enormous and varied data needs.  There is an article here, here, and here on the subject.

Are logs useful?

Are logs useful?  This article is clearly trying to sell you something, but there are interesting points.  Logging is useful, but it isn't how you manage an enterprise.